New Logo Design and Identity for Seaquester, Inc.

SeaQuester, Inc. approached us in early September after finding our work on the Internet. They had been through a number of designers trying to design their logo for their new brand but unfortunately they were not satisfied with the results.

SeaQuester provides a unique and memorable format for instructing both new and seasoned attorneys on the importance and benefits of practicing law with professionalism, decorum, and common courtesy.  SeaQuester’s seminar participants will learn not through a monotone, seemingly endless, en masse power point seminar in a nameless hotel conference room, but in the exhilarating and beautiful natural environment of Florida State.

We wanted to convey the adventure and uniqueness of their business idea while expressing the company’s contemporary way of navigating its business. The new logo shows that SeaQuester is modernizing and refreshing the legal education experience in ways that defy all expectations.

If you need a logo design, we invite you to find out more. We help you stand apart.