Community Partnership for Children

Protecting children. Fostering family stability.

Community Partnership for Children is an adoption agency located in Daytona Beach, Florida, serving Volusia, Flagler, and Putnam Counties. We created a new website to help them appeal to and reach more potential foster and adoptive parents who might provide homes for the many children in the care of social services. Through clear calls to action and close attention to the UX flow, our design and web development team worked hand in hand to create a warm and welcoming website that would accomplish the specific needs of Community Partnership for Children.


A digital home that connects people.

The end product of the website redesign has changed the way Community Partnership for Children communicates online, not only with potential foster and adoptive parents but also with other agencies. The highly-customized WordPress site is powerfully modular and will grow and change along with Community Partnership for Children and its strategic vision and direction.
Community Partnership for Children - Foster and Adoption Agency Website Design United States

The right website makes all the difference

A successful website should possess a design and messaging that resonates with its community and supporters. It needs to be structured to ensure optimal search engine ranking and user-friendly navigation. Crucially, it should inspire visitors to become active supporters or contributors. Our client, Community Partnership For Children, desired a new website that would aptly convey the dedication and quality of their services. Their aim was to start gaining organic traction on Google for their initiatives and, ultimately, to expand their community outreach and support.

The final product

We created an easy-to-navigate, mobile-friendly website with a beautiful theme to accurately communicate their brand message and connect with their audience. Based on our keyword research findings, we tailored all the written content on their site (using specific keywords and keyword phrases) that boosted their rankings on Google search, which in turn brought in more visitors and foot traffic through their doors.