Environmental Consulting and Technology, Inc.

An advanced presence for an advanced environmental company.

Environmental Consulting & Technology, Inc. (ECT), is an industry leader in responsive, client-focused environmental solutions through the innovative application of best practices management, sound science, engineering, and technology.


The design and development of a website can be a daunting and scary at times. It’s a good thing we’ve done this “a few times” and were there to guide ECT throughout the entire process.

Building more than a website

We needed to create a website that balances the prestige and trustworthiness of the ECT name with the modern, future-forward feel of the brand that is known for its innovating work. The updated design direction for the website is bold in both color and form.

Their signature blue color appears more present and sophisticated with the addition of a vibrant orange and green color palette. The simple navigation and clean layout provides a more engaging and intuitive user experience. Our approach was to provide an end-to-end experience on every page, minimizing the time a user needs to spend navigating.