Fighting neurodegenerative disease with new therapies emerging from ground-breaking research.

RanTran is a development stage company whose mission is to investigate, develop and commercialize therapies to fight neurodegenerative disease, one of the cruelest killers of all.


RanTran is a Gainesville-based startup company that needed our help creating a strong brand identity that would reflect their passion and vision. We defined and shaped their visual and verbal identity, communicating who they are, what they do and why they care. The new website and brand captures the spirit of the people behind the company’s name and everything that they stand for.

The time has come to take the fight against neurodegenerative diseases to the next level.

Fast and efficient.

RanTran needed a new website built on a reliable and easy to use CMS. They needed new branding and digital assets to help them stand out in their space. They also needed an agency that would work closely with them, offer advice, and go the extra mile. They came to the right place.