Smart Smile Dentistry

Turning a massage into a relaxing, therapeutic experience

Located in the heart of Gainesville, FL, Smart Smile Dentistry built their reputation throughout the community as having a fresh outlook on dental care with their high-tech technology, modern office design, exceptional expertise, 5-star customer service, and a brand-new award for the best dentist of Gainesville.


Extending client’s passion to their online presence

Smart Smile Dentistry, a technology-driven, forward-thinking dental practice, wanted a website that reflected their high-quality services and dedication to their patients. To make their website vision a reality, Smart Smile Dentistry gave us a free hand on this project, and our creative gears started turning immediately.

Building more than a brand

The brief was clear and precise – make the company look stunning and push the brand forward in all communication channels by producing content that would create an emotional connection with the visitor. Most people don’t like going to the dentist. So we needed to create a website that would prepare patients for a good experience. Dr. Samant is a skilled dentist. She’s also a genuine and friendly person. Her staff go out of their way to make the patient’s visits stress-free. This dental office website design had to convey this.

The final product

Because of the creative freedom we were given, we were able to achieve a truly artistic look that enhances the user’s personal experience and allows to build trust and loyalty with potential clients.
First of all, we created a custom website to serve as the foundation of all marketing efforts. With custom head shots and photos of the clinic, we established credibility of their reputed doctor and dental team at a glance. From customized buttons to strategically placed original photos, it’s immediately clear the Smart Smile Dentistry’s website shouts “We are the best at what we do.”

Our modern design aligned with client’s approach to dentistry, the original photography and custom content that is bold, unique, and tells an entertaining brand story, gave it an authentic, personal touch. But far more than a facelift, we built a site that is much faster, fully responsive, and retina ready. Each service got its own page, making the site user-friendly, and multiplied its SEO value.

A dental website that delivers

+110% increase in page views.

10x increase in social sharing