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It's time to connect your brand.

Inbound marketing is more than just dropping a few links on a page. To be able to make the strategy work properly, you need to connect with your audience and give them a reason to go through more that you offer.
This isn’t going to happen overnight. You’re not going to suddenly start writing content that connects, sells, and intrigues. But you don’t need to worry about that! We already have the digital marketing skills needed.
When you partner with our inbound marketing agency in Gainesville, FL, you get so much more than a few people to outsource to. You gain the experience, capabilities, determination, and drive to succeed at digital marketing.

Inbound or interruption marketing?

Take a look at your current content and marketing attempts. Are you really taking advantage of inbound marketing or is yours a tactic of interruption marketing? More businesses do that than they believe. You are definitely not alone in the world.

Interruptive marketing involves pop ups, spam emails, paid reviews, forum commenting spam, and so much more. Tell us that you haven’t already tried all of them! You likely already have a lot on your website or have outsourced these types of tasks in the past.

It’s old-school digital marketing that just doesn’t work anymore. Your customers are fed up of the pop ups. They click away if they feel pressurized into buying or interrupted as they’re trying to read. They’re not going to share your stuff on social media!

Inbound marketing involves the earned social media marketing. People share because they want to, because they’ve gained value from you.

This type of digital marketing is all about reaching out to influencers to share your products, creating well-crafted blog posts, authoring books, supporting other events, and much more. How positive do you feel thinking about this type of content?

Inbound marketing is more than a few links

The term “inbound marketing” has been confused in recent years with in-site linking. Many people now use it to share their linking to other pages, keeping their links to their own site to keep people on their pages.
Inbound marketing is so much more than that. It’s driving customers to your site. You’re not going to your customers! Rather than standing out on the street and calling out for people to try you out, you’re helping people find you online or in person so they come to you to find out more.

The marketing materials don’t get in the way. They don’t stop someone doing something that they were already doing, but instead work with their tasks. For example, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help get your website on page one of Google, so people see you when they’re looking for something specific. Influencers share your products to their followers, knowing that these are products people are already looking for. You’re driving traffic to you, working with their current needs and questions.

Finding the influencers and guest posting sites isn’t going to be easy

We know all about searching for those influencers. Remember that we were in your shoes once. It does take time and it’s time that you just don’t have available. And why should you spend the time?
At DM Creative Studios, we’ve already spent the time seeking the best influencers on social media. We know the best ways to craft a blog post and have the writers to do it too. We know all about guest posting and using it properly to improve your business.
Rather than wasting effort, you can partner with us for your inbound digital marketing and gain the creativity and experience that you desperately need. Not only will you save time but you’ll gain money because of it. Your sales will go through the roof because we’ll connect you with the right people to promote your brand for you.
On top of that, we already know all the ways to make digital marketing for you and will stay on top of any new ways that come out. After all, technology is always advancing, right? 10 years ago, social media and influencer marketing weren’t jobs or roles, but now they’re sought after in the advertising industry.

It’s time to stop getting confused with interruption and inbound marketing

The problem is you don’t have the time. You need to make the change and do it right now!
All those tasks that you were doing may have worked once, but they’re not the type of digital marketing that you want to do now. It will take time to step away from interruption marketing and utilize inbound marketing completely.
Ready to create experiences that disrupt, engage, and connect? Awesome. Let’s talk about what you need and how we can make that happen.