How much does a logo design cost?

Above: Logo Design by DM Creative Studios for Kolp Institute, an alternative program for personal growth and lifestyle rehabilitation.

This is one of the most common questions that we get from business owners, and one of the most complicated to answer without knowing your specific requirements.

The price of a professional logo design is based on the work and level of creative input required to produce a highly memorable identity.

For example, let’s say a client requires from us a logo design for use on a small personal blog website. They don’t need to commercially print the logo and they have a pretty good idea of what the logo should look like. They are not concerned with what their competitors are doing neither. They just want a nice looking logo. In this case we can look at a simple logo design because we don’t have to spend time researching their market and their competitors. We also don’t have to spend time brainstorming coming up with lots of ideas and concepts. It’s generally a much simpler and quicker process.

Now let’s compare that to a client that may have an existing brand which is looking outdated. Their competitors have far more effective and identifiable brands. They are planning a big marketing campaign and need a new logo design and brand identity. Clearly this will require a lot more research and creative input not only because of the competitive nature of their business but because they already have a brand that consumers are familiar with.

We don’t work with a fixed number of options, but rather, offer you a guarantee to work until the design meets the desire outcome and approval. Sometimes one concept design is enough; sometimes we need to explore more than one idea and option. On average brand visual identity and logo design work can take from three weeks to a couple of months.

Visual identity projects we work on at DM Creative Studios includes:

  • Custom made logo (B/W, color, color reversed and illustrated version if needed)
  • Standard logo guidelines (to ensure logo reproduction across media)
  • Marketing collaterals: business card design, letterhead and if budget allows, website design.

Before deciding please check out our portfolio! If you need additional information just email us at or simply call us for an informal chat about your design needs.