“I Need Help Getting My Site Back Up!”

Sounds familiar? When your website is broken, you need immediate website repairs. A properly updated and functioning website reflects the company’s professional image. If your site has broken links and images, server error messages and usability problems visitors will leave your site and not look back. DM Creative Studios offers not only web design and development services, but also monitoring and repair of your page display, link validation and form functionality as well as maintaining up-to-date source code according to current World Wide Web Consortium standards.

As these things happen all the time, our new client’s Zen-Cart e-commerce site broke down after he tried to move it by himself to a new host. The store was lost completely, because the connection string for the database was not entered correctly. Since crucial folders and files were transferred improperly to the new server, our client also ran into many other website problems, like lost pages, missing images, and broken links.

First of all, we restored MySQl database from a backup file. We have been able to get his entire store back, with all the catalogs and products in place. We got back all the Zen-Cart shipping and payment settings, plugins and templates, so everything works in the proper order, as it did before. We fixed HTML errors, 404 page not found errors, and set up a new contact page with a map and ready-to-use contact us form.

Has your web site disappeared? You don’t have to start over from scratch! Let us find your files for you. Remember that time is of the essence, so don’t delay your request for website recovery. The sooner we search, the better your odds of recovery.

Contact us today! We offer all sorts of web services including local search engine optimization in Gainesville, FL.