Illustrative and Cartoon Logo Design

Cartoon characters logos are becoming quite popular these days. A cartoon logo is certainly not for everybody, or every company. The design and development must be tailored very carefully to the market and to consumers. Essentially, a cartoon character logo is one kind of illustrative logo design.

A good cartoon logo design must reproduce and be recognizable at a small size. For example, you must think of how it will look on a business card; when it’s shrunk down to a one-inch square or viewed on a small mobile device screen. A good cartoon character for a cartoon logo design therefore should be relatively clean and simple in its design. A lot of other cartoon characters tend to lose some elements when reduced.

Creating a good cartoon logo design is not as easy as most people think. Get professional help. At DM Creative Studios in Gainesville, FL we specialize in cartoon logo design. Our cartoon characters are designed for brand building purposes.

A logo is that concept, symbol, graphic element that represents the main feature or the basic orientation of one company, site or product. A great logo designed with correct elements combined with the right color combination can deliver its true meaning, and can stand out as a memorable trademark for a long time.

Please look at our portfolio to see some of the logos we have designed for our clients. If you need additional information just email us at or simply call us for an informal chat about your design needs.