When it’s time to redesign your website…

Choosing to redesign your existing website is an exciting process for both, business owners and web designers. Technology moves so fast, especially online technology. The things a website can do for your company are virtually limitless, but you need to have clear goals. Your local website designer can recommend anything from small changes like updating your fonts to a complete website makeover. Below are a few rules you should consider during a website redesign.

  • Have a Budget in Mind

Most of the time business owners are aware of what they want in their new website and the objectives that they would like to achieve. However, the moment they are being asked what is their website redesign budget, they go silent. The reality is that unwillingness to disclose the budget actually hurts them, because they prevent themselves and their business from getting the best price and the best and most important solutions to help them achieve their goals. Disclosing the website redesign budget will help a design consultant put together a package that fits their needs within the price point they are willing to pay.

  • Focus on Solving Issues

There is no doubt that website aesthetics do play a big role in how your company should be perceived. A good-looking website is an important asset. It conveys the levels of professionalism, trustworthiness and expertise. However, aesthetics are not all what website redesign is about. A new look may have some impact, but it will not be the sole factor in determining the success or failure of your online marketing efforts. Do integrate aesthetic enhancements into your redesign process, but remember not to lose sight of the bigger goals! Deficiencies in the site’s content and utility will never be resolved by making the site look more beautiful.

  • Spend Quality Time with Your Content

A website redesign is the best time for a content audit. Once you know more about your users’ expectations and needs, start to review and reorganize your website content. After auditing your web content, you’ll be able to assess the gaps between the current state of your website and the information architecture that will best serve your users.

  • Avoid Losing Search Engine Rankings

Inbound search marketing is free, but you need to have a website that ranks highly in the most relevant search terms for your type of business. If you’re finding that your competitors are consistently placed above you in searches for relevant terms, redesigning your website can help. You can incorporate new title tags, meta descriptions, and keywords throughout your site design for search engine optimization and an increase in web traffic.

  • Last but not least, Back Up the Old Site

Redesigning your company’s website is not just about creating something new and pretty. A successful website redesign project should include details about your, immediate and long-term goals, market or audience, content, search engine optimization, color schemes, website hosting, and more. The outcome of the redesign project should justify these costs.

Please look at our portfolio to see some of the web sites we have designed for our clients. If you need additional information just email us at info@www.dmcreativestudios.com or simply call us for an informal chat about your design needs.